How do you write your books?

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A reader asked me how I wrote my books. I answered: “I’m not sure. When I re-read them, I often don’t remember writing what I see.”

“So there’s a muse?” she asked.

“The characters take over. I do what they tell me to do.”

“But you know the ending,” she said.

“A lot of famous authors, like John Grisham and James Patterson, say you must always know the ending before you start writing. But I honestly don’t know it until I’m 70 or 80 percent through the book. Then it reveals itself.”

“What if it doesn’t?”

“It always does. I write like a journalist, my background, covering a story that keeps unfolding until it reaches a conclusion. Which might then lead to another story. It’s the only way I know how to write.”

Others do it differently, of course. There are no rules, other than good grammar, structure and spelling. My #1 mantra is that 1st Degree Writing is not a crime.

Turn it loose.

My #2 mantra is that good reviews and winning awards puts wings beneath our work.

Reach for the stars.


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