Can a glass of water become a weapon of mass destruction?

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What happens when ISIL and ISIS decide to turn a glass of water into a weapon of mass destruction? poison-poisonbook-kindleCan Homeland Security plug the poisonous leak with which they want to destroy America?

Poison Heartbeats answers these questions in a new novel by Temple Emmet Williams, the second book in his “Heartbeats” series, which will eventually include at least six mystery thrillers.

The book was released just a week before the author went to Miami to receive wrinkled-750-blogthe Silver Medal at the Reader’s Favorite Book Awards for Wrinkled Heartbeats. This first book tells the story of a Korean war hero who tries to sell his luxury home in Boca Raton, Florida, only to discover that the listing agreement includes an expiration date on his life. The only person who can save him is the person hired to kill him. Critics recently chose the book as one of the best first novels of 2016 at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in Chicago. It has also won an Awesome Indies Medallion.

aaa-bookartcover02b-smlThe author has described Saturday, November 19, 2016, as the “best” Saturday of his life. He received a shipment of his newly-printed novel just hours before a Swedish annual bazaar celebrating Santa Lucia (a festival of light). He and his editor, Kerstin “Kickan” Williams, his wife of 43 years, made it to the Swedish Festival and sold out the shipment. They also, surprisingly, sold over a dozen update copies of Warrior Patient, an award-winning 2014 memoir celebrating, with humor, the survival of the author as civilization’s greatest medical system buying-at-the-bazzar-750tried to bury him with its cures.

After the Santa Lucia celebration, the author and editor raced down to Miami for the awards ceremony. He changed into his tuxedo, and she changed into evening dress. They made it to the awards-750stage with just minutes to spare.

It was a great evening with terrific fellow authors, a lot of laughter, and a new reading list of books to enjoy and review. As written above, it was the best Saturday of Temple’s life, leaving him six more days on which to work.


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