Poison Heartbeats Wins 5-Star medallion from Readers’ Favorite

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From the book

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was listening to the words of Ahmed Kahn, tasting them. The great leader of ISIL leaned back, still doubting.

“How can we control or influence the actions of an infidel warrior? How can he become our weapon? Would it not be better if he were Muslim?”

“It would be better if he was not,” Ahmed said.

Baghdadi looked at him, narrowing his eyes.

“In a forest of infidels,” Ahmed said, “every tree looks the same. He will be invisible.”

Baghdadi laughed.

        (from page 23 of the book)


hollycoveredshadedPoison Heartbeats is the second thriller in Temple’s “Heartbeats” sextilogy. That sounds more mischievous than it is. It means there will be six books in the series.

They will all be stand-alone novels. You don’t have to read one to appreciate another.

In Poison Heartbeats, ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, tries to “poison the well” of America. The terrorists pick the Jackson River in northwestern Virginia as their target. If the jihadists succeed, thousands will die, and millions will shrink from the life-threatening terror of a glass of water.

Poison Heartbeats follows the paths of two twins born in war-torn Nuristan, Afghanistan. One becomes a holy warrior of the terrorist organization, ISIL (synonymous with ISIS, but claiming a larger territory in terroristshadedthe middle east). The other twin becomes a not-so-all-American girl who falls in love with the director of homeland security’s “poison well” unit.

The book is a very timely read.

The 307-page novel is now available as an ebook, paperback, or hardbound book at Amazon, NOOK, Smashwords, Goodreads, and IngramSparks.



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