Wrinkled Heartbeats Wins the Silver Medal in a Crowded Category at the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards.

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SilverMedalMedallionWrinkled Heartbeats has won the Silver Medal in the crowded category of Action Fiction at the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards. It is available as an eBook, a paperback, or a hardback from Templeworks Properties. The novel was also chosen as a Finalist in the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. It received that award as one of the best First Novels of the year. The book has also earned an Awesome Indies Approval badge, which includes the following 5-star review.

“George McKlane, a Marine Corps veteran of the Korean War who became wealthy as a derivatives trader, lives alone in a mansion in Florida. He mourns the loss of his wife and has frequent flashbacks to an epic battle of the war, the Marine breakout at Koto-ri, where his life was saved by his senior NCO, Raymond Chapman. His son, a Marine Corps colonel, has suggested that he sell his house and move to a retirement community. When he decides to sell, he’s approached by Anthony Silberg, a shady property broker with ties to organized crime, who has plans to move into his own money laundering operation.

Wrinkled-BookCoverandBack-turned-3DSHADOW-whiteBG“What follows in Wrinkled Heartbeats by Temple Emmet Williams is a chilling account of what happens when George discovers Silberg’s plot and decides not to go through with the sale. Silberg’s mob boss, Angelo Rossellini, learns of his plans and hires a professional hitman, Torbjorn Petersson, a former Marine Corps sniper, to eliminate both S
ilberg and McKlane. From that point, things begin to take strange turns as the interrelationships among the people involved begin to complicate matters. Much hinges on events that took place during the fateful move of the allied forces from the Chosin Reservoir after the Chinese forces intervened in 1950.

“Told in present tense, Wrinkled Heartbeats is fraught with tension as past and present relationships collide. The language of the story is almost matter-of-fact, much like a military dispatch, which only adds to the suspense, and pulls the reader fully into events as they unfold. The author has very skillfully inserted clues to identities and relationships, and then pulls them together neatly at crucial points, which only serves to keep the story moving forward with all the force and determination of an army on the move.

“Characters are fully developed, and their actions, which seem strange upon their first appearance in the story, make perfect sense in the end.

“The present tense, unusual in a mystery story, works perfectly in this one, giving it a sense of immediacy that is fitting for the theme. There’s nothing not to like about this book.  The story moves flawlessly from start to finish, with a conclusion that ties up all loose ends, and at the same times leaves an opening for a sequel.

“I give the book an unqualified five stars.”


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