Unlock the terrorist’s IPhone. Think about it.

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Feb 21, 2016. The US Government took nine shots at opening the San Bernardino terrorist’s IPhone. They struck out. One more attempt will erase all the information on the device. So they want Apple to rewrite the code and give them unlimited tries at the 10,000 possibilities that will nail down the terrorist’s four-digit pin number.

If the United States Government manages to force Apple to create this so-called “backdoor entry” into IPhone-fadethe San Bernardino terrorist’s IPhone, our economy will be pushed much closer to the edge of collapse. Here’s why.

It will not be because our personal privacy takes a hit, although it will.

It will be because America’s intelligence community, led by the Department of Homeland Security, the Secret Service, the FBI and the CIA will have a ticket to ride into every IPhone in China.

Apple knows it. China knows it. Washington knows it.

The potential result will be millions, in fact, billions of Chinese IPhones within peeking distance of America’s intelligence community.

Nothing wrong with that, right?


The ripple effect of such a possibility could bring about the destruction of Apple.

Apple’s largest marketplace, China, will abandon the use of its products – all of its products — perhaps by government decree from Beijing.

Apple’s free cash, currently bursting at its corporate seams, will rapidly vanish. The 12th largest company in the world, with revenues of $233 billion, will shrink into corporate oblivion. Over 115,000 of the smartest employees in the world will be looking for jobs that no longer exist.

With the best of intentions, America’s Intelligence Services might put Apple out of business (or, worse, force it offshore).

Three months ago, Apple turned into a “smart short” on Wall Street. The experts decided they could make more money selling it than buying it. They had something figured out that most investors never saw. Perhaps now we know what it was.

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