A whirlwind of literary fiction that transports readers into another dimension.

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AtlantisGeneA.G. Riddle’s first book in his best-selling “Origin Mystery Series” creates an extraordinary tapestry of talent for readers to enjoy. The Atlantis Gene takes reality and weaves it into a work of fiction that stretches the mind in wondrous ways. It is a thriller, a book of possibilities, a love story, a murderous mystery where almost anything becomes possible, and almost everything possesses a grain of truth.

The Atlantis Gene achieves what few thrillers accomplish: it becomes a whirlwind of literary fiction that transports readers into another dimension. In the process, A.G. Riddle steps onto the stage with science fiction greats like Asimov, Heinlein, Bradbury, Clarke, Verne and Wells. And he also joins the thriller and mystery greats like Hobbs, Gage, le Carré, and Gordon.

This is truly great writing, from a truly great writer. – Temple Emmet Williams, former editor at The Reader’s Digest, author, and writer.

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