Trust turns to dust in a cauldron of international intrigue.

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CorruptionOfPowerCorruption of Power by G.W. Eccles takes readers on a rollicking ride through corridors of intrigue and bloody chaos as the once powerful nation of Russia tries to recapture the strength of its greatness. Financial gain has replaced the manifesto of the Soviet Union with a long line of oligarchs. Money and power are real, and neither have a conscience.

Into this cauldron walks an independent troubleshooter, Alex Leksin, whose task is to cap the well of catastrophe raging in the middle east, washing up on the borders of Russia. Death stalks Leksin as he finds himself surrounded by corruption, terrorism, insurgency and assassination. Is he a pawn in a deadly game of chance, or an integral part of a carefully designed political machine that turns trust into dust in order to win against all odds?

This is a terrific thriller beautifully paced as it gets faster and more furious in the final third of the book. I give it five stars. – Temple Emmet Williams, Former Editor at The Reader’s Digest

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Temple was born in Cleveland, Ohio, educated at The Hotchkiss School and Yale University, became a journalist, was nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize as an undercover reporter at the World Telegram & Sun in New York City, worked as a Managing Editor at News/Check, a weekly newsmagazine in Africa and as an Editor at the Reader's Digest in the United States. He was a copywriter and creative director for large ad agencies around the world, lived in Africa for 6 years and in Europe almost as long. He and his wife live in Boca Raton, Florida.

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