Freefalling Into Freedom

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Buccaneer, by Jack Carlton Reed and MayCay Beeler, tells the story of free spirits drawn into the flame of adventure, power, drugs, sex, and money. Most of the story is told from the inside, literally, because BuccaneerBookmodern-day Robin Hoods inevitably stumble into the merciless grip of Federal authorities.

One does not expect the free spirit to survive inside prison walls, and yet the pen, as always, becomes more powerful than the sword of justice. Unforgiven by society as a hedonistic drug smuggler and daredevil, Jack Reed continues to raise his unbroken spirit above the realities of prison life. He finds an unlikely champion in MayCay Beeler, an award-winning television personality, and record-breaking professional pilot.

Their wings bring them together, entwine their lives in a final victory that spirals both Jack and MayCay into freedom, in every respect. There are many extraordinary lessons learned by reading this 5-star book. Thank you, Ms. Beeler, for shining a bright light on the story.

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