Looking Up To A Great Harlem Globetrotter

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Kerstin (Kickan) and Temple had a fabulous night at the Miami Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, where Temple won a gold medal for Warrior Patient.

Kerstin managed to sneak in a plug for Wrinkled Heartbeats, which just TW-KW-Awards001got another 5-star rating from a Top 500 VINE Voice reviewer at Amazon (our 12th 5-star review since the book was published last month, including the five on Nook at Barnes & Noble).

The Reader’s Favorite Book Awards has now officially become one of the largest in America, and we had the chance to rub shoulders with some great writers.

Some, we definitely had to “look up to.” Case in point, the great Harlem Globetrotter, “Special K” Kevin Daley.

TW-KW-Awards006We traded books.

I towered over his daughter (who told me she was going to be a great writer, like her Daddy, when she grew up).

Kevin has written a wonderful, inspirational autobiography called “I Never Stopped Smiling.” I’ll review it in a few weeks. It’s definitely worth a read.


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