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A Goodreads Giveaway Contest  runs until December 10, 2015 for Temple’s new novel: Wrinkled Heartbeats. The Giveaway will run in a dozen English-speaking countries around the globe. Two signed GiveawayBoxWHoriginal editions of the paperback will be awarded in the contest.

Click on the book pic below to buy this thriller today, available in paperback or as an eBook. The story is about a war hero who stumbles into a web of money-laundering, lies, and deadly secrets, including the “Gator Pole,” a painful way to make people disappear in Florida’s famous River of Grass, the Everglades.

A very generous offer to buy the hero’s luxury home includes an expiration date on his life.

The only person who can save him is the person who has been hired to kill him.

Wrinkled-BookCoverandBack-turned-3DSHADOW-whiteBGFor the warrior, one of the bloodiest, and one of the coldest battles in the history of the United States Marine Corps becomes a life-threatening allegory in the tropical paradise of the Palm Beaches.

The recently-released book already has many readers, including several of Amazon’s most respected reviewers:

  1. HALL OF FAME | TOP 100 REVIEWER | AMAZON VINE VOICE “‘Death does not stalk its messengers. It does not kill Marine Corps snipers.’ Stunning writing! In only two books Temple Emmet Williams has established his credentials as an important new American author. He has the gift.”Grady Harp
  2. TOP 500 REVIEWER | AMAZON VINE VOICE “Temple Emmet Williams’ ‘Wrinkled Heartbeats’ is an action-packed mystery/thriller that I read start to finish in one day, unable to put it down. It’s a fast paced, realistic story written by an author I respect and admire.” — Lisa Kearns
  3. Temple has an unusual voice. I’d read his memoir, Warrior Patient, and was familiar with his style — even tried to mimic his clipped phrasing in my writing without success, but I still admire his precise presentation that keeps the story moving. Being someone who likes a lot of action in my reading, Temple doesn’t disappoint. He rarely lets a reader starve for action very long before tossing in a good helping of imaginative thrills. Another thing I like about Temple’s technique is he never gives a reader a chance to anticipate where he is going in the story. It’s one surprise after another. I read it, liked it, and recommend it — definitely a five star winner. – Marsell “Mojo” Morris, Author.
  4. Exciting, interesting, entertaining, funny, are just some of the words I’d use to describe Mr.Williams’ latest book. He is an expert narrator and can paint the picture so vividly that the reader can see every detail. I can really recommend this book and I am eagerly waiting for Mr. Williams’ next creation.” – Irene Schyberger
  5. The characters in this story are so well developed that the reader gets totally drawn i5star-flat-webnto their schemes and plans. The tension in the story was lightened by humorous exchanges, the drama was heightened by a trek though the Everglades, and it ends with a reminder to us all that the best laid retirement plans can go awry. It was a rousing good read. I recommend this novel for all fiction lovers who enjoy action thrillers with great characters. Robert Eggleton, Author
  6. “The action is fast-paced and the dialogue is snappy – every character, minor and major, is complex and unique. The relationships and interactions among the characters are wonderfully written.”Eduardo Aduna
  7. Fast paced, with just the right amount of action and intrigue, Wrinkled Heartbeats mesmerizes and will keep you glued to your seat. Maria Beltran
  8. The plot moves at a steady but electric pace, leaving the reader wanting to turn the page to see what happens next. Paul Johnson
  9. The presentation of the book is splendid, well laid out, easy to read, and the writing is delightfully descriptive and full of vivid details. K.C. Finn
  10. “Wrinkled Heartbeats is a true thriller from start to finish. The plot was
    exceptional and the character development was second to none. I promise that anyone who reads this is not going to be disappointed in the slightest. Fantastic book, I really enjoyed it.” Anne-Marie Reynolds
  11. The author creates a richly painted tableau, all in primary colors, with touches of patriotism, greed, passion, and betrayal. Jennifer Andrews, Psychiatric Social Worker


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