Review of Ghost Boy: The Miraculous Escape of a Misdiagnosed Boy Trapped Inside His Own Body

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Can you remember your birth, feel your first days, see your first sights, hear your first sounds, your first touch. You have no voice. You cannot move. At the age of 12, you are unexpectedly reborn and frozen in time at the very beginning of your life. You become the dumbest vegetable in the garden. From this prison you slowly, painfully blossom into a grown man, filled with character, knowledge, life and love. This is Ghost Boy, the miraculous escape of a misdiagnosed boy trapped inside his own body. This book is for the heart, the mind, and a rare knowledge that can only be grasped because Martin Pistorius has been good enough and kind enough to write his own memoir. As a former editor at the Reader’s Digest and a journalist nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize, “Thank you, Martin.”

— Temple Emmet Williams, March 14, 2015


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