An Epilogue was added to Warrior Patient on March 24, 2015

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In Chapter 7, Doctor Manuel Abreu prescribes pills which you should never take. The patient’s medical history (available on the doctor’s computer) indicates the medication should not be given. The pills help push you into the quicksand of renal failure, kidney dialysis, open wounds, terrible infections, MRSA, partial blindness, shingles, hernias (but not the amputation … that was your own stupidity).

Police arrest Doctor Abreu March 17, 2015, on criminal charges in Palm Beach County, Florida. His medical license is revoked. He‘s in jail. The judge sets his bond at half a million dollars. Seven women lodge additional civil complaints against him for violating their trust while in his care. Perhaps that is a fitting end to a graduate of “the 10,623rd best medical school in the world” … the subtitle of Chapter 7: Hands of Death and Destruction.

Friends ask: “Why don’t you sue him?”

You answer: “Who wants to stand in a long line?”

More important, it would be a shame to have the legal system slap a “gag” order on “Warrior Patient.” It needs to be read.

Quick update on the author’s health: As of April, 2015 (this printing) all blood work is normal, even the creatinine count (measuring the function of the kidneys). Temple plays tennis seven days a week, bikes, walks, exercises in the gym. People who meet him for the first time have no idea what he has gone through, which remains the greatest compliment anyone can ever give him.

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