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The original Warrior Patient recently had 66 Reviews on Amazon, with an average rating over 4.8 on a 5-point scale. The memoir is filled with humor as well as important advice. Several reviewers have suggested: “This book may have saved my life!” Here's a sampling of the original Warrior Patient's Amazon reviews:


5-star from a TOP 500 reviewer at Amazon:  “His wife was there in humor and sickness for the entire journey. This is a great ‘how-to’ in overcoming deadly diseases with laughter, good doctors, love and guts. A great book and one that I am grateful for reading.” Dennis Waller


5-star from a HALL OF FAME | TOP 100 | VINE VOICE reviewer at Amazon:“It is a wondrous book by a gifted gentleman who by the end of the book becomes our friend and confidant!” Grady Harp


5-star from a TOP 500 | VINE VOICE reviewer at Amazon: “One of the best books I've read about taking charge of your health! Lisa Kearns


5-star from a TOP 100 reviewer at Amazon: "This is one book which has gone on my book shelf for future reference .... A resounding well done to the author!” Brett H

5-star from a TOP 100 reviewer at Amazon: “This type of book deserves its own specific genre. Great book!” Aifa


5-star from a VINE VOICE reviewer at Amazon: “A work of knowledge and hope; this one will inspire and inform. Highly recommended.” John Green


5-star “This book is ... a comfort, it is a love story, it is important ... A strong five-star rating ... read this book now, not tomorrow or the next day, but now.” WordsAPlenty


5-star “This inspiring story ... will act as a guide for others on similar paths.” 10 out of 10. The BookLife Prize

Goodreads clickerWarrior Patient has 57 ratings, averaging 4.67 on a 5-point scale, at Goodreads. Ratings are not reviews, but the book also has 26 reviews, all 5-stars on a 5-point scale, including one from IndieBRAG awarding the book a gold medallion.


Robert Eggleton rated it

This book may have saved my life! Sure, maybe you assume that I'm speaking colloquialism, exaggerating, or WHATEVER -- but, it's true. I may not be typing this review right now, may not BE at all, if I had not been gifted this book. 

I read the eBook version of Warrior Patient at a time when I needed it the most. I was depressed to the max. I'd just retired from my job after fifty-two long years. I'd dreamed of writing and promoting my fiction every day of each of those years, if I could only find the time to do so. 

So what happened next? You guessed it -- health problems. Of course, I went to the doctor, lab, hospital for evaluation.... It seemed so unfair, I'd been cheated and was angry about it, after all.... I was such a mess that I gave up on my lifelong dream to become a successful writer. 

Then I read Mr. William's book, the first book on health issues that I'd ever read. It was inspiring, hopeful, optimistic, logical, approachable, and by the time I'd finished the book I had an entirely different attitude about how to face my health issues. Although medical science may not agree, especially not my doctor who was so skeptical that I could bring down my blood pressure without continuing medication -- I had to prove her wrong -- I submit that my improved health was triggered by having read Warrior Patient. 

It is so well written and easy to digest, not at all like I'd expected a book with the word "Patient" in its title to be like, that it deserves literary recognition as A Miracle of Modern Science. 

I just entered the competition to get a free paperback of Warrior Patient. I consider Warrior Patient to be a reference book that one pulls from the shelf when most needed. 

Warrior Patient is not like an escapist novel that helps one pretend that life's problems don't exist. A person can always wait, if need be, for batteries to recharge so as to resume escapism. 

I want a paperback copy of Warrior Patient so that I don't have to depend on batteries, or a nurse to help me find an outlet to hook up a charger, and besides, the next time I'm in the hospital, a paperback of Warrior Patient would be a great thing to cuddle up with. The beds are too skinny for much of anything else. 

Barnes and Noble clickerWarrior Patient has 7 Reviews at Barnes & Noble, and they are all 5-star on a 5-point scale.


Reviewed by Nandita Keshavan for Readers' Favorite

Warrior Patient by Temple Williams is a true story about one man's struggle to survive a series of medical problems over the space of three years. It's a witty story full of unexpected humor, which is sometimes deadpan and sometimes cheerful. The aim of this book is clear: educate the unsuspecting public on the follies of the medical system. Recognize the importance of good healthcare. Be aware and alert regarding the medical condition and treatments you have, with all the risks involved. Essentially what Williams wants to show the world is the difference between being a “warrior patient” and a “medical dope.”

The book is effective, and the humor makes these important messages much more pleasant to digest. The chapters end with simple but compelling messages regarding how to be a warrior patient. However, half way through, you realize another unstated recommendation of the book is to take the medical experience seriously. The humor is natural, and each page carries the surprises, angst, discoveries, and wit of an ill man determined to survive an unfortunate series of events. It's a refreshing book that takes us away from the ubiquitous medical drama approach to depicting the medical world in a down to earth way by showing us the struggles and witty observations of the common patient.

The book is written in the second person. This makes it more direct. The overall effect is that you feel as if the events of this book, although unlucky, could happen to anyone. It's his death-defying spirit, a keen eye for details, the quest for truth, and an infallible sense of humor which make Williams a great writer.


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