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On April 15, 2018, a new edition of the memoir, Warrior Patient Heartbeats, was published. It is about 50 pages longer than the original Warrior Patients, with some updated medical information and a new Chapter titled: “Getting Sick Again.” If you have already purchased the original memoir, Temple will send you a free PDF file of the new book for your own personal use. Contact with your name and e-mail.


May 19, 2017: a 99¢ promotion on ENT (Ereader News Today).


May 1, 2017: a 99¢ promotion on BookGorilla. This results in the sale of over 125 e-books and half a dozen paperbacks in a four-day period. Dozens of ads like the one below, combined with over 60 review blurbs, run on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ as Warrior Patient becomes a #1 best-seller on three different Amazon lists.


February, 2017: Poison Heartbeats wins the coveted Awesome Indies Approval badge.


November, 2016: Poison Heartbeats is published, the second thriller in Temple’s “Heartbeats” sextilogy. That sounds more mischievous than it is. It means there will be six books in the series. It has already won a 5-star Medallion from Readers' Favorite.


April 20, 2016: Temple gives the breakfast speech to Company A at the Delray Municipal Golf Course. Over a hundred men meet to celebrate their friendship and their beliefs. Thanks for the opportunity to share over 105 copies of Warrior Patient with people I admire enormously.


May 12, 2016: Wrinkled Heartbeats is chosen as a Finalist in the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. It receives the award as one of the best First Novels of the year.


April 20, 2016: Temple gives the breakfast speech to Company A at the Delray Municipal Golf Course. Over a hundred men meet to celebrate their friendship and their beliefs. Thanks for the opportunity to share over 105 copies of Warrior Patient with people I admire enormously.


January 13, 2016: Temple and his books led off the first Author’s Night at the Swedish Church in South Florida. It was a wonderful evening of friendship and laughter that covered everything from the meaning of life, and death, to the secrets of good writing and Indie Publishing. Henrik “Coach” Linder was the Master of Ceremonies. His thoughtful questions, and follow-ups from the audience, turned it into a night where the author learned as much as the attendees about why “writing books” is an important path in life.


GiveawayDecember, 2015: New Giveaway started today at Goodreads for the Warrior Patient paperback. Last time, giving away 10 books, 847 readers took part. This time, only two books, but “signed” and with a larger target audience and a reputation enhanced by awards, medallions and best-seller status in a few categories. The Giveaway ended on December 2, 2015.


Temple featured on the PickFu Blog in an article called "When Being Wrong Is The Right Answer."


Warrior Patient wins a Gold Medal in the Readers' Favorite Book Awards, held in Miami.


Warrior Patient awarded a B.R.A.G Medallion, and featured on the Book Readers Appreciation Group's site.


New article on the blog: “To be or not to be” is NOT a question. An update on the Prince of Denmark's, Hamlet's famous soliloquy.


Warrior Patient featured in the INDIE section of the Kirkus Reviews' May 1, 2015 issue.


Read Temple's Smashwords Interview and take a look at the piece about Warrior Patient recently published in Hotchkiss Magazine.


amazon linkMarch 20, 2015: A book reading at the Men's Club at Harbour's Edge, a Lifespace Community in Delray Beach. Excellent turnout, great questions.

The Warrior Patient family continues to grow.


March 18, 2015: An “Author Evening” for members and guests of the Boca Raton Resort & Club on March 18th at 8 pm, was held at the Boca Raton Country Club, across the street from Costco (on Congress Ave. just north of the Clint Moore Rd. traffic light).

The Warrior Patient family continues to grow.


December 4, 2014: At a Book Reading at Abbey Delray South, the Men’s Club invited women to join the group to meet guest-author Temple smashwordsEmmet Williams. “This is the most people we’ve ever had come to a meeting, the Moderator, Ric Nelson said. Over 90 people showed up for the 1-hour show as Temple talked about his journey through the quicksand of Americas medical system. There was laughter, a few tears, and a terrific connection between the group and the author during the event. Everyone had a good time, with wonderful questions from the audience. We give our heartfelt thanks to Ric and Yertie Nelson for arranging everything so perfectly. Twenty-six books were sold. The Warrior Patient family continues to grow. 


KickanLuciaNovember 22, 2014: The annual Santa Lucia celebration in Boca Raton became the setting of our first “author’s booth” for Warrior Patient. With a suitcase filled with books and newly-created merchandising material, a few sales seemed possible. In the end, the suitcase was virtually empty (only two books remained). Thirty-four books were sold.

Lucia means ‘light’. She was a Christian girl in Italy in the 3rd century (later made a Saint by the Catholic Church). Her mother miraculously survived a terrible sickness. Lucia vowed chastity and gave away all her belongings, including her dowry, in TempleLuciathanks. Her fiancé, greatly angered, charged her with being a Christian (they were persecuted in those days, banished from their homes, often killed).

Lucia, heartbroken, tried to blind herself with needles. But she could still see with her destroyed eyes (she is often portrayed in Italy holding two eyes on a tray). She was covered in tar and set ablaze. Yet she lived. Her fiancé eventually thrust a sword through her neck, killing her. A church in Venice, Italy now holds her remains, including the red dress she died wearing.

No one knows for certain how the celebration of Santa Lucia came to Sweden, but most agree that it brings the joy of indestructible light to the darkness of winter. It includes a procession of candle-bearing girls, all dressed in white gowns, sometimes with star boys (called stjӓrngossar) wearing pointed cone hats following behind. The procession is led by a Lucia dressed in a white gown, a red ribbon around her waist, and a crown of greens. Between five and nine candles flicker in her crown as the procession turns into a choir, bursting into song.

Stockholms Dagblad, a Swedish newspaper, organized the first Lucia event in 1927, and these celebrations of life have spread their joy and choral voices throughout the world since then.

God bless Santa Lucia.

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